Therapy at
The School of Life

At The School of Life, we believe that getting therapeutic help should – ideally – be an ordinary and wholly unsurprising thing.

You don’t have to have a ‘big’ problem to see a therapist, simply something you’d like to talk about: something that’s weighing on your mind which could use some expert attention.

Learn more below about the types of therapy we offer in person and via Skype.

The Importance of Therapy

At The School of Life, we believe that consulting a psychotherapist should be as accessible and as normal as getting a haircut or going to the dentist. Therapy isn’t for the select or distressed few; we believe that therapy is for everybody.

To help dispel the slight taboo which sometimes surrounds it, we have created a welcoming home for psychotherapy for when you feel stuck in a rut, anxious about your relationships or simply unsure about what’s going on in your life. Our therapists are based at our London HQ in Bloomsbury, but we also offer online sessions, via Skype for those unable to come to London. 

Our psychotherapists and psychologists are all fully accredited practitioners, registered with tightly governed professional bodies. They are expert listeners with a great wealth of experience in all the quirks and unusual facets of the human mind. A one to one session allows an objective, non-judgmental space in which you can talk freely and openly about the things which worry you; guided, all the while, with valuable insight from a trained professional.

Find out more about Psychotherapy at The School of Life in the video below:

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