Consulting and Brand Partnerships

We work with brands to help consumers lead more fulfilled lives, through bespoke solutions such as white papers, books, videos, products and events.

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Consulting and Brand Partnerships

What we believe

Brands are adept at raising high hopes and expectations in the minds of consumers. But consumers today are becoming increasingly cynical about brands who simply hold up the desired psychological destination signs in their adverts (freedom, friendship, simplicity, calm, confidence) without offering practical support in how to get to there.

In other words, consumers are looking for brands to help them to lead more fulfilled lives. 

This is where we can help.

What we offer

Clear thinking

We help to define the deeper purpose and strategic direction of your organisation, working with a unique network of some of the world's leading non-business thinkers

Thought provoking content, beautiful objects and unique experiences

We create white papers, books, videos and animations that blur the line between art and advertising, taking inspiration from the best thinking from 2,000 years of human culture.

We also create objects and events that elegantly bring your brand purpose to life.

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