How to Realise Your Potential (English)

What is my potential in life and how can I take first steps into a more fulfilling reality?

We are, most of us, aware that not all of our potential is currently being mined. We have intuitions of possibilities - in our love lives, our careers and our ways of living - that we have yet to explore.

This class looks into what potential really is: where and when our intuitions are correct, and where perhaps we should exercise greater caution in following sudden new ideas.

We will consider how we might listen to what we could call our 'deep selves' in order to turn confused messages of ambition and distress into a plan for a more coherent and satisfying future. We explore blocks to creativity and our unconscious bias towards suffering.

We learn that greater satisfaction is an aspiration that must be handled with immense patience, but that most of us truly do have enormous reserves of untapped possibilities, a realisation that is at once a little scary and properly exciting.


Michele GaulerMichele Gauler is a trained Psychologist and Designer. Michele has worked in software development at IBM, earned an educational degree at the Royal College of Art in London and her design concepts have been displayed at the MoMA in New York City. Today she works independently as a facilitator, workshop leader and illustrator. She works as a mentor for change processes and helps with the generating of new ideas.


18.40 - Welcome & drinks
19.00 - Class commences
20.10 - Break (times vary)
21.30 - Class finishes


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How to Realise Your Potential (English)

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